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Friday, January 14, 2011

Blog 1: Right Now

Today is a day to sort out. To re-establish. To start over.

So a blog, why? Well a lame attempt at reconnecting with quiet time and thinking outloud and expressing publicly what I should probably keep private.

A blank page to throw the things I find beauty in and the things in which I find no beauty at all.

So it begins.

Right now I am 25, moving house for the 8th time since moving here 7 years ago.  It's an inbetween feeling that appropriately comes with packing ones every item into cardboard boxes, throwing things away and wondering whether there is enough cupboard space at new place to fit all 35 tea cups, moving, and beggining the arduous task of unpacking said boxes.

Right now I am 25, and in love with a boy who is, beautifully and annoying, so different to I that sometimes I think people really come from different planets. He, bless him, tries so hard to understand my grumpy, insecure and psychotic tendancies and it is for this that I love him...for whatever time.

Right now I am 25, A drama teacher facing only four more weeks of holidays before the whilrwind of a year starts again and my life becomes marking and writing and talking non stop and grumpy face and kind face and mother face and friend face and collegue face and straight face, all over again.

Right now I am 25, a little lost and feeling like lists should be made about where one wants to be in five years time and what kids names are good and whether to buy a house or car or dog or grown up lady clothes or whether said relationship will last to be involved with above list.  Or whether one that says "Bread and Milk" might fulfil list making needs and buy me another year or so of not planning such things just yet.

Right now I am 25, and what with the inbetweeness of moving house, the loving, the dreaded school year approaching and the lists to be made I am feeling a little snowed in and muddled.

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  1. blahhh... me too! Moving sucks! Looks like i am going to be homeless for a while... sigh. I want to be back on holidays and come play/help. Happy that you're inlove <3 xx